Frequently asked questions about the Principality of Monaco

What is the difference between Monaco and Monte-Carlo?

One of the questions that people who do not know the Principality of Monaco often ask is:

What is the difference between Monaco and Monte-Carlo?

Quelle est la différence entre Monaco et Monte-Carlo ?

Where is the city of Monte-Carlo ?

The answer is quite simple, here are some elements.

Monaco is a Principality, that is to say a territory ruled by a monarch whose official title is Prince.

Monaco is a city, with a municipal council elected for a period of 4 years by the Monegasques, by direct universal suffrage and by multi-member list ballot, in two rounds, with the possibility of mixing.

Monte-Carlo, which can be found written "monte carlo" or "montecarlo" is a district of the city of Monaco and therefore of the Principality.


What is Monte-Carlo? And what do we find there?

Monte-Carlo is a district of the Principality of Monaco and the city of Monaco.
It was named so in honor of Prince Charles III of Monaco. The words Monte Carlo are translated from Italian as Mount Charles.

It is the district of Monaco which is known worldwide because it has been home to the famous Casino de Monte-Carlo since 1862. There are other famous buildings such as the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, Le Café de Paris, the Hôtel de Paris or the Métropole hotel with its shopping mall and luxury boutiques.

A part of this district called the Carré d'Or is home to the biggest names in fashion and jewelry, and there are the most popular buildings in the Principality.

The name of Monte-Carlo is associated with many events and media such as:
- Télé Monte-Carlo
- Radio Monte-Carlo
- The Monte-Carlo Television Festival
- The Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival
- Le Rallye Monte-Carlo

And you can find the famous Place du Casino in Monte-Carlo during the Formula 1 race of the Monaco Grand Prix.


What is the postal code (Zip code) of Monaco?

The postal code of the Principality of Monaco is 98000.


What is the telephone code for the Principality of Monaco?

It is 377.


What is the name of an inhabitant of Monaco?

The inhabitants of the Principality are the Monegasques.


How far is Monaco from Cannes?

It is approximately 55 kilometers from Monaco to Cannes. They can be done by car on highway, direct train, bus or helicopter.


Is Monaco in France?

The Principality of Monaco is located in the south-east of France, about twenty kilometers from Nice, but it is a state, the second smallest in the world after the Vatican.


Is Monaco part of the European Union?

The Principality of Monaco is a third state to the European Union. However, the Monegasque state established permanent relations with the EU by accrediting an Ambassador to Brussels in 1999.

Since 1968, the Principality has been part of the Community customs territory, given its customs union with France.

The Principality of Monaco also belongs to the euro zone.

More information on the government website.


Is Monaco a city or a country?


The Principality of Monaco is a state ruled by the reigning Prince, a Government and a National Council. Monaco is the city with a mayor elected by direct universal suffrage.



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