Cabinet Vivalda

Our firm. specialised in Condominium and Real Property Management. places its years of experience in the Monegasque real estate industry at the disposal of private individuals, financial companies and authorities.

We are the only firm in the Principality of Monaco With Iso 9001 – 2000 Quality Certification In condominium and real property management.

The ISO standard enabled us to turn pious hopes into real, planned, registered and weighed up actions, to define again the meaning of the word CLIENT, to devise our services of tomorrow and the SATISFACTION OF OUR CLIENTS IN THE FUTURE.

Our trade is first of all a service provided to our Clients, who entrust us with the management of both sentimental and financial valuables of their real estate property, in an environment such as the "PRINCIPAlLITY OF MONACO",which we are duty bound to maintain, preserve, safeguard and smarten up.

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