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Monaco - Monte Carlo : le Casino

Designed by Charles Garnier, the legendary architect who also built the majestic Paris Opera, the Monte-Carlo Casino was dedicated from the outset to the art of gaming. With its frescoes in the style of Boucher, its bas-reliefs, sculptures and caryatids, and an astonishing gold and marble atrium, the architecture exerts an unforgettable emotional impact.

Built in 1863 in the Principality of Monaco, overlooking the Mediterranean, this architectural masterpiece has been the scene of Monte-Carlo's finest hours, spawned prestigious resorts and provided gaming with its most elegant setting. The Casino is also home to the Monte-Carlo Opera, which stages world-renowned productions.

Les jeux européens

The tradition continues to this day, and Monte-Carlo remains an authentic reference point for dedicated gamblers. Trente et quarante, Chemin de fer, Banque à deux tables, English roulette and, of course, European roulette renew the legend of the hundred-year-old-Casino.

Les jeux américains

Punto-banco, Craps, American Roulette and, of course, Blackjack 21 are all at home in Monte-Carlo, where every square centimeter of the gambling salons is etched with the memory of extraordinary games. These memories continue to inspire all those who, their hearts racing, ascend the stairway of the prestigious Casino.

Les jeux automatiques

Casino de Monaco, Monte-Carlo : le Black Jack

The first coin-operated gambling machines date back several centuries in the major courts of Europe, but it was only at the turn of the last century that slot machines reached their apotheosis in Monte-Carlo in the exquisite setting of the Casino. The invention of the jackpot in the 1930s resulted in a spectacular increase in the number of players, and slot machines have now become an essential part of a night on the town in Monte-Carlo.

Keeping pace with technical developments and the expectations of its guests, Monte-Carlo has new slot machines, some of which are exclusive and are found nowhere else. The Société des Bains de Mer is always installing new machines for devotees, in the bustling atmosphere of the Café de Paris or in the Sun Casino, a little Las Vegas on the Mediterranean, and in the Salle des Palmiers, where gambling fever spends the summer.

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