Key figures

Surface area : 202 hectares
Length of the coast : 3 829 meters

The Principality comprises eight district :


The historic seat of the Principality is on the Rock.


 Founded in 1866 during the reign of Prince Charles III,the district is located around the casino.

La Condamine

 The district which surrounds Port Hercule.


 The district built on reclaimed land from the sea, it comprises an urban complex, tourist and sports facilities around a leisure port and a clean industrial zone.


 The district where the Jardin Exotique is located.

Le Jardin Exotique

 The Exotic Garden overlooks the Principality. This is the district featuring the garden and its plants, but also the Princess Grace Hospital


 The Larvotto is Monaco's postcard with its beachfront buildings and their immediate proximity to the beaches.

Saint Roman

 Saint Roman is at Monaco's western edge against the city of Roquebrune Cap Martin.

Population distribution (Census 2015)

The total population is 38 400.

Indicators of Employment

Total employees : 51 956

Private sector employees : 47 504

Public sector employees : 4 452

Government receivership

- 50% T.V.A.
- 20 % State-run monopolies.
(Stamps-Issuing Office, Monaco State Tobacco Company, Telecom, Post Office)
- 7 % Monopolies subcontracted by the State.
(Electricity , Gas, Water and Gambling)

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