Security in Monaco

Security in Monaco

A climate of security reigns in Monaco Monte-Carlo making this prestigious setting even more appreciable. Security specialists are unanimous, it would be difficult to live in a place safer than Monaco. One policeman for every 100 residents, a system of 24-hour video surveillance spanning the entire surface area of the Principality, including the majority of residence halls, a transmitting system worthy of the best armies in the world, the possibility of blocking all access in and out of the Principality in several minutes. And we mustn't forget the surveillance teams inside of the Casino and in all of the gambling establishments and hotels.

The Monaco police department is managed by a highly placed member of the French police force and the police department is amongst the most modern and efficient in Europe. The rule imposed by the Prince Rainier is simple : "Monaco must have total security". As would follow, the orders given to the 519 police officers, who must go through a 2-year intensive training program, are extremely strict : anything detrimental to the harmonious atmosphere in Monaco is forbidden, begging is non-existent, indecent clothing is prohibited and traffic laws are rigorously enforced. The court system in Monaco almost always pronounces maximum sentences. The result is an incredibly low rate of delinquency, a dream for any Minister of the Interior.

As one jeweler in Monaco put it : " the jewels of the most well-known jewelers were made to be worn, even in the street, and not to be left in the safety deposit box. This is not the case in Monaco".

The government of the Principality attachs a great deal of importance to the quality of its health facilities :

  • The Princess Grace Hospital is equipped with the latest generation of medical material (scanner, IRM, Radiology,...)

  • The Cardio-Thoracic Center, created in 1987, treats all manner of thoracic and cardiac pathologies.

  • The Hemodialysis Center, inaugurated in 1989, safely treats problems related to kidney failure.

  • IM2S – Institut Monégasque de Médecine & chirurgie Sportive – opened, in February 2006, is an institution dedicated to medicine and surgery osteo-arthritis.

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