Children & Future

In the beginning, there's a wish ...
From the wish springs the idea...
The idea takes shape using the words chosen to embody it...
These words, which become a name. reflect the conscious and subconscious intention of their creator...


It is through this name that the idea will develop, become flesh.
It will grow only by becoming independent of its initiator.
Each one of us will then be imbued with it, make it ours, spread it, share it, make it live...
No Finish Line


 What echo does this name send out within us?






A continuous line between earth and the universe?


An unbroken chain between all peoples. all human beings?


Universal brotherhood?


The awareness that. at one and the same time, we are past, present and future?


Communion of bodies and souls?


Rallying the best part of ourselves?


A surge of love, of selflessness?


A fit of generosity?


Each participant, each runner, each man, woman and child. finds in this event his or her own answer, his or her own song blending with that of everyone else.


Perhaps that is the spirit of No Finish Line.

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