The Condamine Market ! - Monaco Monte-Carlo

The Condamine Market !

The Condamine Market !

    The covered Condamine Market opened in 1880 and it is a meeting place for the Monegasques of all ages. You will be surprised to hear a language you have certainly never heard and that some « ancients » speak together : it is the Monegasque language. You can’t resist and you taste some local specialities : barbagiuans, socca, pissaladieres...

    The Market Hall is bordered by an attractive and lively esplanade where the Herb Market takes place ; you walk along the displays, smelling the marvellous scents. The Rue Princesse Caroline pedestrian mall is just a few steps away ; you discover pleasant landscaped areas. Seating on a bench, you eat a socca that you’ve just bought. Afterwards, you decide :

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AFIM - Immobilier Monaco


Monaco / Granada
Area : 175 m²
Rent :6 500 €


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Hammer Draff - Immobilier Monaco

Rare occasion in the center:Duplex to renovate

Monaco / Victoria
Area : 296 m²
Price :11 500 000 €

Hammer Draff

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La Costa Properties Monaco - Immobilier Monaco

Parking lot for rent - Monte-Carlo area

Monaco / Le Millefiori
Rent :260 €

La Costa Properties Monaco

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anco Real Estate - Immobilier Monaco">López de la Osa & Franco Real Estate - Immobilier Monaco
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