The Rose Ball - Monaco Monte-Carlo

The Rose Ball

The second most famous gala evening after the Red Cross Ball, the Rose Ball was created by HSH Princess Grace, who each year gave this exceptional evening a special theme by associating the ball with a different country and a different rose.

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Miells & Partners - Immobilier Monaco

Studio apartment

Monaco / Patio Palace
Area : 45 m²
Price :1 000 000 €

Miells & Partners

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Hammer Draff - Immobilier Monaco

Big open space in the GOLDEN SQUARE

Monaco / Prince de Galles
Area : 841 m²
Price :31 500 000 €

Hammer Draff

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La Costa Properties Monaco - Immobilier Monaco

Stunning view over the Med

Monaco / Eden Star
Area : 270 m²
Price :12 200 000 €

La Costa Properties Monaco

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Monaco Monte-Carlo