La Carterie Hallmark

For 10 years, Hallmark Cards has offered thousands of greeting cards for all occasions, in French, English, Italian and Hebrew !

Birthday, anniversary, wedding, new baby, name day, Halloween, Christmas and New Year’s…

As well as birthday and anniversary party invitations, wedding and baby announcements (Hallmark, Crane, Caspari…)

Fine and fancy stationery, photo albums, visitors’ books, gift bags, gift wrapping, storage boxes (Tassotti, Crane, Caspari, Atomic Soda, Roger la Borde…)

Office supplies, small leather goods, diaries, pens, lighters (Dupont, Cross, Lamy, Faber Casteli, Filofax, Fedon…)

Rucksacks and accessories for schoolchildren (les Busquets, Hello Kitty…)

Festive items: decorations, candles, paper dishes, costumes and accessories (Point à la Ligne, LSA, Caspari…)

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