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Melanie Lopez ‐ Whittier ca Le 15-01-2017 à 02:37

Monte Carlo sounds like a beautiful place I hope to visit some day.


Felicidades vez fiestas y un prospero año 2017. Nos volveremos a ver en verano.

AJA ‐ sIBIR3591 Le 04-01-2017 à 22:52

Happy New Year 2017

Maria Cristina ‐ cavriglia arezzo italia Le 04-01-2017 à 12:44

Felice e prospero 2017

RODRIGUES Fernando ‐ Draveil Le 04-01-2017 à 12:26

Je vous souhaite une Très Bonne et Douce Année 2017 à Tous les quatre...


Morales dellas favolas ‐ italia Le 04-01-2017 à 10:16

Vivere una favola e' posibile...a Montecarlo

Maria Cristina ‐ Cavriglia Le 09-12-2016 à 16:02

Monaco is beautiful, è una meraviglia un diamante purissimo nel mediterraneo

Viktor O. Ledenyov ‐ Kyiv Le 08-12-2016 à 17:33

It is always nice to come to Monaco, to meet with old friends and to order an interesting book for Christmas reading

Patricia Sterns ‐ Phoenix, Arizona Le 29-11-2016 à 17:24

Monte Carlo is Disneyland for adults. It is a wonderland with fun for all and the most beautiful architecture. it is a city everyone should visit, however, I am somewhat dismayed at the growth of the population. I do not want to see Monte Carlo become anything other than that which it is.

Bill Gates ‐ Nice Le 23-11-2016 à 16:24

I will move my business here because of cheap tax, i can build twice as many sweatshops here than in Silicon Valley!!!!

Nombre de message : 3133

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