In the heart of Monte Carlo, overhanging the Port, and offering an exceptional view on the Rock of the GRIMALDI, an easy access (on the roof of "La Costa"), accessible by car, to the entrance
of the Restaurant.

The restaurant is open every day except Sunday evening and Monday
To lunch & Dine on 12h at 14h and 19h30 at 22h30
Reservations 93 25 02 34


In 1985, the Prince RAINIER III, Souverain of Monaco, the building site visits of what will be the future Carpark of Costa. A rather elegant construction, of Florentin style, located at the heart of Monte Carlo, with two steps of the large de luxe hotels which are the Hotel Hermitage and the Hotel of Paris.

On the 5th levels, the Sovereign penetrates on a surface intended for a pleasure garden, it underlines the beauty of the site, and notices that it would be a pleasant place to create a restaurant.

The idea does not remain without effects, and a few times after the Director of the Administration of the Fields subject to me the call with candidature for the creation of an establishment of restoration. After a fast study, I give my agreement, and launches me in company of my wife, in what will become the Saint Benoit. We chose to baptize it " the Saint Benoit", to dedicate one of Patron saint of the Principality, and Patron saint of Europe.

Under title of the restaurant is "the Kitchen of the Sea", to give the basic indication of our will to treat, in priority, the products of the sea, our terrace offering on this one a panoramic sight. The chart comprises a great choice of products of the sea, but the unconditional ones of the meat are not forgotten.