The Sculpture Path - Monaco Monte-Carlo

The Sculpture Path

On the initiative of the Sovereign Prince, the Principality of Monaco has been enriched for several years with works by internationally famous artists. Sculpture occupies a privileged place in this collection and is placed throughout the town and gardens so that the public can admire this heritage. Almost one hundred works by contemporary artists rub shoulders with creations by sculptors, some living in Monaco but also some older, wonderfully preserved pieces.
Besides the placing of these sculptures throughout the Principality, a pedestrian walk has been created in the Fontvieille district where the majority of these monumental works have been brought together so that this unique collection can be discovered on foot.

Planos de Mónaco

Bienes inmobiliarios

AFIM - Immobilier Monaco


Monaco / Les Ligures
Area : 117 m²
Rent :4 400 €


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Hammer Draff - Immobilier Monaco


Monaco / Seaside Plaza
Area : 238 m²
Price :9 300 000 €

Hammer Draff

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La Costa Properties Monaco - Immobilier Monaco

Near the center

Monaco / Rocazur
Area : 507 m²
Rent :17 000 €

La Costa Properties Monaco

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